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About Us

 Here at Zurchy a lot of though ad love is put into every piece of jewelry made. I design custom made jewelry from the heart that ignites us both in love and faith. The inspiration around this was about 6 years ago when I was put in a tough spot, my father had past 1 year earlier from cancer. Every year I Climb for cancer with a wide group of people who have also lost someone to the horrible disease. The inspiration of Zurchy was started in memory of my father and to also make him proud. My family has also keep me inspired all these years.

I know that throughout life we all hit rough patches but we push on. The selection of fine custom jewelry and our customers is now our passion. I strive to ensure that ever piece is unique and can bring joy and love to anyone who wears them.  If the item is a gift you can be rest assured that your friends and loved ones will also absolutely adore these customizable pieces. 

Our customer service and delivery here at our company is of superb quality because of our skilled and competent team of professionals who are always here to serve you with a taste of Zurchy. We’re committed to serving you with the best products from the day we have begun distribution and will continue to do so in the future and beyond. This is of course one of my missions at heart.